Now also: Santalucia Insurances


We are proud to offer you the full package of Santalucia Insurances, a very reliable insurance company that, according to my own experience, offers outstanding and very complete coverage for competitive prices.


Not only includes the usual coverage for fire, robbery, damages etc, but also includes the excellent “Home Assistance”, i.e. when you suffer from a domestic problem such as failing washing machine, broken computer, central heating problem and many more things, Santalucia will send you a professional to repair the problem. Totally free of charge (the first 3 hours of labour), except for parts that have to be replaced. Santalucia Works with local professionals such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters etc.

Also included assault away from the home, theft from your holiday home or hotel, credit card fraud, civil liability and legal aid (costs for claims, litigation, lawyers etc).


Santalucia’s funeral policy offers much more than just taking care of the funeral or cremation and all costs and procedures involved. The insurance widely covers the costs when a person dies abroad (from Spain) with help and assistance for the family. It also includes financial compensation in case of accidents. The funeral policy can be contracted by everyone up to 75 years of age.


Santalucia can insure your dog or cat for the following incidents:

  • Civil liability in case of damage caused by your pet
  • Legal aid in case of claims
  • In case your pet is hurt in an accident, the insurance covers vet’s costs, sacrifice of the animal if needed, and a compensation for the loss of the animal.
  • Compensation in case of robbery.

Optionally you can also include:

  • Sacrifice of the animal for reasons of old age or illness
  • Costs  of stay in kennels when the owner can’t  take care of his pet because of hospital stay
  • Compensation for death of the animal due to age or illness.


All policies are fully available in English.

For all other insurances, such as

  • car insurance,
  • medical insurance,
  •  business or company,
  • pension plans,
  • life insurance etc.

please contact for more information or visit the Santalucia web site (also in English).